Thursday, 9 August 2012

999 - Nasty Nasty

Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles

Metal Urbain - Paris Marquis

Riot Squad - Fuck the Tories

Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Venus and the Razorblades - Workin' Girl

Electric Guitars - Work

Downtown Strutz - Pretty Flamingos

Maximum Joy - In the Air

Red Rinse - What A Wonderful Sense of Timing

Alternomen Unlimted - Facade

The Four Kings - Non-Stop Dancing

Yachts - Suffice to Say

I have a soft spot for these New Wavers - clever lyrics and catchy music
Maybe not the coolest band but I love 'em

Television - Prove It

The Flys - Beverley

Wayne County and the Electric Chairs - Berlin

Venigmas - Red Revenge

Mod/power pop/new wave thing - b-side to Turn the Lights out

Cult Figures - Zip Nolan

With added Swell Maps

The Monochrome Set- He's Frank

Adam Ant's original band (the next one went off to form Bow Wow Wow) - the Monochrome Set are shamefully under-rated in my view

The Tubes - White Punks on Dope

One of my first 'punk' singles and still one of my favourites

Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict

Marine Girls - Don't Come Back

You can see how Tracy got from here to Everything But the Girl

Nash the Slash - 19th Nervous Breakdown

Ronny - If You Want Me To Stay

Ronny was a kind of French Grace Jones who liked to dress in uniforms!!!!

Prag Vec - Bits

Virgin Prunes - Twenty Tens

Vision - Lucifer's Friend

Who gave those goths a synth??????

Chris and Cosey - October Love Song

Ian Dury and the Blockheards - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Kraftwerk - The Model